Lemon Pasta with Chicken….

here’s to another great recipe that I grabbed off of food networks web-page.  You can follow their recipe at Lemon Pasta w/ Chicken.  I took the recipe and twisted it to my personal liking…

Products needed:

Chicken Breast, Confetti Pasta, Clove of Garlic, 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 lemons- juiced, 1/2 cup grated Parmesan….

I grilled up the chicken breast and boiled the pasta,  I took the garlic and thinly sliced it.  I took the oil and the red pepper along with the garlic and cooked it in a frying pan for about a minute.  (The more of the Red Peppers the hotter the taste).  I Sliced the chicken in to about 3 inch strips and drained the pasta.  I combined the pasta and the chicken and then stirred that into the oil mixture in the skillet….Cover it with your cheese and squeeze your lemon over the whole thing and you have a great meal.  I also added some diced cilantro to the pasta which added a really refreshing taste to the whole meal.  Oh I guess I ended up only using one lemon also…

My wife really questioned the whole thing until she tried it and she ended up loving it. 

Give it a try….Let me know what you think…..

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Love in the air…

Alright I lost a bet with my my wife (A).  We were given on of those books sometime ago 101 nights of great…I believe it was 101 great night of romance.  If I remember correctly it was our first anniversary.   Well the intent is of course that there are 50 “for his eyes only” and 50 “for her eyes only” and one “both”. 

Well we start talking about the “book” the other day.  I said we have only one book.  (A) said we have two books.  She said we have the 101 nights of Sex & 101 nights of Romance.  I was positive we only had one so naturally I said “bet you”….My looked at me and said what do you want to bet….So I said if I you win I have to pull one from each book and do them in the next week, if I win you have to pull two pages from the one book and do them in the next week…Well (A) of course pulled out two books and proved I was wrong and lost the bet…..We are the proud owners of 101 nights of great romance and 101 nights of great sex….

Well I pulled out a page from the romance book.  It was interesting to say the least…..It was called “Show and Tell”….The basics behind it was all week long leave a gift for (A) around for her.  The gift though will be something that was already hers.  Something she already owns, take it wrap it and give it to here.  On the last day give her something new.  And then start show and tell.  She shows you the gift and you tell her why you gave her that gift.  It should remind me of her some how. 

So here is what I did-

Monday- Small box with a pair of pearl earrings in it.  (reminded me of a pearl I bought her on our honeymoon in Vegas)

Tuesday-  Scrapbooking tool (I like her scrapbooking and the fact that she has a hobby outside of us)

Wednesday- One of our sons outfits (she is a great mother)

Thursday- One of my dress shirts and some sexy underwear (she looks hot in it)

Friday- The day I gave her new item.  I got her a whole outfit.  I nice summer dress black/white, black and white purse, black and white poke-a-dots underwear, black sexy heels, and a black and white earring and neck-less.  It was something I thought she would look elegant, classy and still sexy in….

Well she didn’t understand the gifts until I show explained them to her and then she loved the new gift.  She almost cried during some of it.  It turned out to be some work but it was alright in the end…I thought it turned out good.

Well she is suppose to do one this week…We will see.  We leave town on Friday so she has a shortened week.  I will publish a few more of these as time goes on…..

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My name is MUD

Today we are supposed to load up the car and make the trip to my IN-Laws house for Christmas.  I actually like going over there for the most part.  Here is the problem.  We have to drive 4 hours on good roads to get to their house.  Last night it dropped about 4 inches of snow and the storm blew on by going the direction that we are heading.  I checked the road report and it basically said “Nasty roads you’re an idiot if you get on them”.  Well my wife really really wants to leave today about 1pm.  That would put us there at about 5:00 and the sun sets tonight on according to the weather channel at 5:11pm.  I am not interested in driving on nasty roads in the dark.  I suggested that we wait until tomorrow and leave at like 9am.  This would give us a full day of daylight to get there in. 

My wife wants to get to her parents house tonight……I might have to toss in the “what is safe for our child” argument to win this one…..I know she want to do what’s safe but she is going to be disappointed if we have to stay tonight.  So I agreed to wait until later for the next road report to see if it gets better. 

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Saturday Night—

Saturday night—This past Saturday night we went to a holiday party for a local group that we are apart of early in the evening and then from there on over to some friends house to celebrate the holidays with them. The early party was for a group that is focused around adopted children so naturally there is tons of kids running around.  My sidekick goes to daycare so he is in this environment all day long but I very seldom get to see him in this environment much (playing and interacting with other kids) so this was really neat to watch from my perspective.

OK on to the really interesting portion of the evening.  We buzzed on over to some friends house after the first party to exchange gifts and have a drink with them since we both will be out of town for the holidays.  By the time we got there the other couple was already working on the drinks part of the evening and feeling it.  They have two kids one is three and the other is about 3 weeks older then my sidekick (18 months old).

The kids start playing and we settle in for a drink.  The conversation goes towards the kids and they bring up that they are concerned about their son potentially having learning problems.  I was a little shocked.  We asked why the thought this and they said two main things.  1. He is not talking at all yet and his sister was talking about 4 months earlier at this age. 2. They are comparing him to our son who has been talking for about 5 months and is doing more physical activities. 

Now we are in the comfort mode telling them “no no every kid advances at their own speed”.  But they are doing exactly what I have done and I suspect is natural for all parents to do, Compare.  They said they spoke to their doctor about it and he brushed it off and told them not to be concerned yet.  But really what parent wouldn’t be concerned.  I personally would seek out a second doctor for advise jus tto ease my mind as a parent.

 Of course I didn’t mention to them how The Sidekick and I are working on dunking a basketball, bunting a baseball and high stepping when you go into the end zone this week and Algebra next week.

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Come as you are…

I try and read Mary’s blog over at OwlHaven daily. The other day she post a little something called “Come as you are”. The basics behind it is a simple face shot of your self. It is somewhat of a inside look of your self through the outside.  She posted a link to another “Come as you are”.

Well here is my crack at it.  I had to include my trusty sidekick (My Son).  I have to call him my trusty sidekick now since he doesn’t leave my side from the moment I walk in the door from work. 

 Come as you are.


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Christmas Gift

Gift Ideas- Some years I have it all planned out what I am going to get my wife for Christmas and yet other years I struggle.  This year I really didn’t have a great idea going for me when she suggest that we can the idea of getting each other gifts.  She suggested that instead of spending a few hundred on each other for this year lets grab a couple tags off of donation tree’s and spend that same money on this instead.  Well it was an interesting idea I decided so I went along with it.

We went down to the city Christmas tree where the local women’s shelter and food bank post tags with different wish lists for families.  We ended up grabbing 4 tags I think.  One of the tags was for a boy who wants cloths (size 8-10), a school backpack with school supplies, and a hoola-hoop.  Instantly it broke my heart to picture a kid going to school in 3rd grade without a backpack or the correct school supplies. 

I remember being in 3rd grade when my father got laid off and was unemployed for the better part of a year.  (He was never totally unemployed, he always worked what ever job he could find but it never was much pay during that year) I also remember going to the bus stop with my buddies and they where making fun of me because I was wearing the K-mart blue light special shirt while they where in the cool Nike shirt or what ever the name brand was that week.

So my wife and I started to go shopping for this boy the other day.  We went to the large Wally-came-apart story and started looking at the cloths.  Yes for about $25 dollars it seemed like we could get about 113 pieces of clothing.  But to me it seemed to close to what I was going through at 3rd grade.  I finally said enough and we left our cart and ran away.  I explained my issue with buying these second rate cloths for kids.  I know it is extremely materialistic of me but damn it 3rd graders are ruff.

We went to a different store where $25 got us 2 shirts but they had the “correct names on them”.  I ended up not buying 113 pieces of clothing but I did throw the limits out the window and tried to get close to 113. 

I have to say I had more fun then I ever did shopping for my wife.  She got to shop for the little girl that she doesn’t have.   

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Update on Friends???

So my wife talked to Stacy and asked why Stacy lied to her.  Stacy played the “I didn’t lie” card.  She claimed that she did stay home and clean the house and then just stopped by later in the evening.  We knew from the details that our other friends had given us that this was a lie also.  My wife went with forgive and forget method though.  She told her she understood what had happened and had just wished that she had been told the truth even if it hurt.  You know as I stated in my first post on this, it is not my problem I guess. 

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