You would think…

that I would either stick with this or just quit completely….  There is some certain value to this though in reguards to helping me focus.  I feel obligated to reach certain goals which I have writen about.  Well with this being said I have decided to let this blog become a little more specific to hopefully keep my attention.  I have decided to basically turn this into my training blog.  I will be training for various endurance events in the year which I have started to layout for my self and I would like to record my progress along with my education form my training here.   Well lets give it one more shot…

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The race

As I wrote about in my last post I was in a tri on the 10th. I had trained hard but had also had a little set back with being sick going into the last 10 days or so. My head cold had developed into an ear infection. I specifically went to my doctor prior to the race to make sure I would be ok. I was concerned with swimming and the ear infection. The doctor said I would be fine and wished me luck…

Well I was in the second grouping so I had to sit around for a hour trying not to get to geared up. I got in the pool for the first leg of the tri. I had to swim 18 laps. I was working on lap 10 when my ear popped. It felt good at first but it started hurting about 5 seconds later. All of a sudden it was total pain to have my ear in the water. As I came down to turn for my 11th lap the girl that was standing there counting my laps stopped me. I stood up and felt goo on my ear. I looked at my hand after wiping my ear and saw blood. I had blown my ear drum in the pressure of the pool.

I pulled out of the race. It was a little embarrassed.

I got back to the Gym this past weekend and have trained everyday since Saturday but I am staying clear of the pool for a while.

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BCS Party

BCS- I heard someone say the other day “If the BCS took over communist
China would we notice a difference?”  Every year I root for everyone to go undefeated or for everyone to lose just so I can watch the BCS system fall flat on its face.  This has basically happened to some degree or another almost every year.  (Exclude last year, some how they got it perfect and every game was great).  Well guess what they found themselves in a nasty cluster again this year. 

This year though I seem to be a little more invested then usual.  You see I am a Boise State fan.  Not that Boise State fan that has popped out of the woodwork, I have been a season ticket holder in the past and fail to miss a game for several years. YES the Broncos made the BCS and burst through the bubble.  For many people across the country they view this as the problem with the BCS.  For me I am left pleased but somehow wanting more for them.  Dare I say National Championship Game….No I had better not say it out loud and just be happy with what they got…
Florida made it to the game after campaigning hard from Urban Meyers and an unpredictable lose by USC.   I do think Michigan can argue the process but they don’t have much room to argue about not being in the game after having a crack at
State.  So here are some questions that come to mind over the cluster of a problem

  • If Michigan, USC and Florida got to be apart of the conversation for the National Champions Game how comeWisconsin never got to be apart of the conversation?
  • Was there anything Boise State could have done to make it to a National Championship Game other then leaving the WAC and joining the PAC-10 in a miracle move?
  • Where would Oklahoma be at today if they would have won that game against
    Oregon with the instant replay debacle instead of losing?
  • Was there anything Boise State could have done to make it to a National Championship Game other then leaving the WAC and joining the PAC-10 in a miracle move?
  • Would Oklahoma at least been listed in the conversation mentioned in the first question?
  • Did everyone watching the Fox BCS presentation think it sucked?
  • Will anyone care about the Rose Bowl
  • If Florida wins and Boise State wins should BSU order up National Championship Rings?


    Go Broncos

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