Blog Review #1

Alright Alright I know I am behind on last weeks schedule for the week’s blog.  Maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea.  I don’t know yet.  I do know, some days I don’t feel like writing about what I had promised already and other days I am just busy. 

Blog Review-Please keep in mind it is only my opinion.  What is my qualification for reviewing blogs?  I know how to read (I can even sound out the big words).  That is about it.  I am just writing about what feels good about their blog or doesn’t feel good about it.

Well let’s try this for the first time.  I decided to review One-Minute Book Review.  (Please don’t comment on the Irony)  This blog is written by Janice Harayda.  Her website says she is a journalist, editor and novel writer.  Her books include ‘Manhattan On the Rocks’ and Accidental Bride, A Romantic Comedy.  Needless to say from what I gather she reads more books in a month then I browse through in a year. 

Have you ever walked into a book store or library without anything in mind to look for and just start wondering around.  Yeah I do it all of the time also.  This blog does two things in my mind.  It allows me to do this everyday from my desk at work and it also might help me start actually look for a specific book next time I walk in the book store.

So how does her site work?  Everyday she writes a review on a book that she has read.  Different days have different types of books.  For example Saturdays is children books, Tuesday’s are how to books.  It should be noted that One-Minute Book Reviews doesn’t accept free books from publishing companies. 

So far I click in every few days and read the reviews for various books all over the map.  I can’t say that any review has turned me onto a book yet but I can say they have been informative.  Take for example Saturday’s review of the new Where’s Waldo.  I thought her statistics on the book where interesting.  I realistically had no idea that a kid’s book would potentially have these violent items in it.  I will think twice before buying one of these books for my kids now. 

I totally love that the blog has disciplined format for each review with the ‘worst line:, Best line, Recommended’ section’ on the page.  I really dig this.  It makes it fast and friendly.  But I highly recommend that you spend the extra minutes and read the reviews, they are well written.I thought the ‘Make a Donation’ section was odd at best but I do understand the logic that is outlined.  The FAQ section is interesting and does explain the logic a little more.  One part I did notice is that there are no comments left on books.  So basically Harayda is not getting any feedback on her reviews.  That is a little hard I think.

Overall I think the blog is good.  I am sure one of these days it I will read a review on the blog that will inspire me to go grab that specific book.  In the mean time I will keep looking.

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Virtual Friday

So today is virtual Friday.  You know the day that looks and feels like Friday but it really is different day.  I don’t have to work on Friday or Thanksgiving so today is ‘my Friday’. 

I love Fridays for the most part.  Have you ever noticed how beer tastes better on Fridays?  No, really it does, I have a least one every Friday just to reconfirm it to myself every week.  Every week when I leave my office on Friday afternoon it kind of feels like that last day of the school year when your kid. 


Today I get that feeling.  I am about ready to get out of here and get that great virtual Friday feeling.  (It usually feels even better on virtual Friday because of the long weekend.)  I knew I was going to get off work early today but I just finished talking my wife into skipping out of work early as well.  I think we might just hang out like kids for a little while. 



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She Lied

So I have a problem that is kind of my problem and kind of my wife’s problem.   I am sure she would tell me that it is not my problem.  So here is the story.  We have two sets of friends.  One couple has been good friends for sometime.  I am good friends with the husband John  and my wife is good friends with the wife, Stacy.   The other couple is a little newer couple.  I am good friends with the guy in couple
Steve.  He has been living with his girlfriend Diane, for about 2 years. 

Friday night all three guys got together and went to the high school state championship game together.  As I was leaving the house my wife mentioned to me that she was going to call Stacy and see what she was doing.  As the game ended we all said lets go grab a beer before heading home.  I mentioned that I wanted to drive to the side of town that we lived on to a bar over there.  John & Steve where driving together and I had my own car since I meet them at the game.
Steve said he would call me on the way towards our side of town and tell me what bar to meet them at.  20 minutes later I was with in a couple miles of my house and I still hadn’t heard from them.  So I called them and Steve said that they where at his house since Stacy was over there with Diane having a drink so they wouldn’t be meeting me for a beer.  Ok not a big deal.  I got home and my wife is asleep in bed.

Next Morning-

I am sitting at the table reading the newspaper and my wife is sitting there as well.  I asked why she didn’t go out with Stacy last night.  My wife says to me, “Because her parents are coming to town this week for the holidays and she had to stay home and clean.”  I am sure I looked at her like an idiot.   I quickly said “No she didn’t”.  My wife looked at me and said “What do you mean?  I called her last night right after you left and she said she couldn’t go out because she had to clean.”  I explained to her that we didn’t go get a beer last night because Stacy was over at Steve’s house with Diane.  She quickly started wondering if she had been lied to. 

That night Steve stopped by for a small poker game that we have at our house.  Before he could even sit down my wife asked him “Did Stacy hang out with Diane last night?” 
Steve looked at me for help.   I had no idea what to say.  He said to my wife “Look I am not really apart of it and I don’t agree with her lying so I will just say it how it is to you.  Last night when you called Stacy she was heading over to my house to have a drink with my Diane.  I don’t know why she lied to you but she did.” 

I felt like crap instantly for my wife.  She looked like someone had just punched her in the gut.  I think she really knew the story before asking the question but once the story was confirmed by him she couldn’t make excuses any longer for her friend.  Plain and simple her friend had lied to her.  I didn’t know what to say to my wife.  Why wasn’t she invited out with friends?  Why was she lied too when she called to invite a friend out?  She felt about 2 inches tall. 

Needless to say she wants nothing to do with them now.  So friends that we have had for 8+ years just pissed it away I think over a little white lie.  I want to call them on it but I am not sure how.

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