Saturday Night—

Saturday night—This past Saturday night we went to a holiday party for a local group that we are apart of early in the evening and then from there on over to some friends house to celebrate the holidays with them. The early party was for a group that is focused around adopted children so naturally there is tons of kids running around.  My sidekick goes to daycare so he is in this environment all day long but I very seldom get to see him in this environment much (playing and interacting with other kids) so this was really neat to watch from my perspective.

OK on to the really interesting portion of the evening.  We buzzed on over to some friends house after the first party to exchange gifts and have a drink with them since we both will be out of town for the holidays.  By the time we got there the other couple was already working on the drinks part of the evening and feeling it.  They have two kids one is three and the other is about 3 weeks older then my sidekick (18 months old).

The kids start playing and we settle in for a drink.  The conversation goes towards the kids and they bring up that they are concerned about their son potentially having learning problems.  I was a little shocked.  We asked why the thought this and they said two main things.  1. He is not talking at all yet and his sister was talking about 4 months earlier at this age. 2. They are comparing him to our son who has been talking for about 5 months and is doing more physical activities. 

Now we are in the comfort mode telling them “no no every kid advances at their own speed”.  But they are doing exactly what I have done and I suspect is natural for all parents to do, Compare.  They said they spoke to their doctor about it and he brushed it off and told them not to be concerned yet.  But really what parent wouldn’t be concerned.  I personally would seek out a second doctor for advise jus tto ease my mind as a parent.

 Of course I didn’t mention to them how The Sidekick and I are working on dunking a basketball, bunting a baseball and high stepping when you go into the end zone this week and Algebra next week.

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Update on Friends???

So my wife talked to Stacy and asked why Stacy lied to her.  Stacy played the “I didn’t lie” card.  She claimed that she did stay home and clean the house and then just stopped by later in the evening.  We knew from the details that our other friends had given us that this was a lie also.  My wife went with forgive and forget method though.  She told her she understood what had happened and had just wished that she had been told the truth even if it hurt.  You know as I stated in my first post on this, it is not my problem I guess. 

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Hanging out

I have decided one of the best things in my life is hanging out with my son.  It is inevitable that I am going to hang out with him since he is only 18 months old and can’t go do things on his own but lately I have really got a kick out of hanging out with him.  Don’t get me wrong I have always enjoyed being with my son but lately he has touched me even more with his humor and smile.  He makes me laugh I think more then I make him laugh.  He always wants to hang out with me.  I don’t have to try and impress him. 

This past long weekend we spent the better part of 4 days together.  Monday morning when I dropped him off at daycare I was really annoyed that I couldn’t hang out with him that day as much as I wanted to.  I really didn’t want to go spend time at work (yeah I know what your thinking but it was a little worse then usual.) Well I went to work and he went to daycare and we both made it.  Last night when I pulled in the garage about 15 seconds after my wife pulled in (She had picked him up and he was in the back seat.) I looked over at him in the other car and he had the biggest smile on his face to see me.  I instantly got the big wave from him.  Damn it was nice to be home.



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So I mentioned in another blog last week about my wife being lied to by a friend of ours.  Up until yesterday we had not heard from either her or her husband for over a week.  (Although I knew they had family in town for the holiday and expected to not hear from them).   

Yesterday Stacy left a message on Aubrae’s (my wife) phone that basically said “just calling to see what’s going on.”  So Aubrae was left with the question ‘Does she even know that I know she lied to me.’  My thought is no I don’t think Stacy knows.  Aubrae is left with trying to approach the call back.


Aubrae said to me yesterday that she is just going to have to forgive and forget because she doesn’t feel she has a ton of friends to go hang out with.  I agree that she should forgive and forget for other reasons.  Although I did tell her that if she didn’t want to forgive and forget that I would understand and back her on it. 


So how does she bring it up on that phone conversation?  Or does she just ignore the issue all together.  I hate drama. 

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