Love in the air…

Alright I lost a bet with my my wife (A).  We were given on of those books sometime ago 101 nights of great…I believe it was 101 great night of romance.  If I remember correctly it was our first anniversary.   Well the intent is of course that there are 50 “for his eyes only” and 50 “for her eyes only” and one “both”. 

Well we start talking about the “book” the other day.  I said we have only one book.  (A) said we have two books.  She said we have the 101 nights of Sex & 101 nights of Romance.  I was positive we only had one so naturally I said “bet you”….My looked at me and said what do you want to bet….So I said if I you win I have to pull one from each book and do them in the next week, if I win you have to pull two pages from the one book and do them in the next week…Well (A) of course pulled out two books and proved I was wrong and lost the bet…..We are the proud owners of 101 nights of great romance and 101 nights of great sex….

Well I pulled out a page from the romance book.  It was interesting to say the least…..It was called “Show and Tell”….The basics behind it was all week long leave a gift for (A) around for her.  The gift though will be something that was already hers.  Something she already owns, take it wrap it and give it to here.  On the last day give her something new.  And then start show and tell.  She shows you the gift and you tell her why you gave her that gift.  It should remind me of her some how. 

So here is what I did-

Monday- Small box with a pair of pearl earrings in it.  (reminded me of a pearl I bought her on our honeymoon in Vegas)

Tuesday-  Scrapbooking tool (I like her scrapbooking and the fact that she has a hobby outside of us)

Wednesday- One of our sons outfits (she is a great mother)

Thursday- One of my dress shirts and some sexy underwear (she looks hot in it)

Friday- The day I gave her new item.  I got her a whole outfit.  I nice summer dress black/white, black and white purse, black and white poke-a-dots underwear, black sexy heels, and a black and white earring and neck-less.  It was something I thought she would look elegant, classy and still sexy in….

Well she didn’t understand the gifts until I show explained them to her and then she loved the new gift.  She almost cried during some of it.  It turned out to be some work but it was alright in the end…I thought it turned out good.

Well she is suppose to do one this week…We will see.  We leave town on Friday so she has a shortened week.  I will publish a few more of these as time goes on…..

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  1. how sweet! we just got the book but havent tried anything out yet. and thumbs up for supporting your wifes scrapbooking addiction, oh wait i mean hobby 🙂 I am a fellow scrapbooker myself.

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