Painting a beach cruizer bike

Well I got these two beach cruisers from the 50’s given to me.  One male and one female bike.  They both are really cool but needed some care.  For starters they simply needed to be cleaned they had grease everywhere….They also need a new paint job along with a tune-up…

Both bikes were a red/maroon color to start with…

Well I had the first bike broke down to just a frame a little while back by a bicycle mechanic (and buddy) and I started sanding the frame down.  I decided to start with the male bike first and then move onto the female bike next.  The sanding went alright once I remembered that I should have a mask on.  I blew my nose at one point and blew mostly red paint.  Not good.  Well it sanded down alright, except for a few spots that were tight to get into.  The hardest part was where the bike had a couple clear stickers on it.  I had to peal the stick for the most part and then sand.  The sanding took about 2 and half hours…

Last night I went ahead and put the first coat of primer on the frame.  Ideally I would like to put 3-4 coats of primer on the frame but I am excited right now to start painting….I will put another coat on tonight…I will attach some photos in my next post…

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