February Blues

I am in a funk…..


I just can’t seem to shake this funk.  It actually started at the beginning of the year.  I changed my eating habits to help my wife with a diet she is on.  (it is easier to stay on a diet when others are there with you and not sitting across from you at the table with a big bowl of ice cream).  At first that just put me in grouchy mood.  I knew exactly what it was but I decided I need to fight through that.  I think I successfully did.  I was feeling good about myself after a week or two based on eating habits and physical appearance.   I wasn’t getting the complaments about losing weight like I had in the past but I was also considerably thinner to start with this time, but none the less I still felt good. 

This was also just about the time an inversion set in on our nice little valley we live in.  Basically there is a blanket of crap that settles in on the skys and you don’t see the sun or blue skys.  This has been off and on for the past 4 weeks.  We started with 2 solid weeks of it before it broke up for a day or two but quickly came back.  It will come one day and leave the next sometimes but for the most part it usally sticks around for a week or so.  The temprature typically floats in the teens and is a little extra biter.  It usally has zero effect on me other then I typically am ready for it to leave just about the time it does.  Not this year…..It has effected me more then ever this year.  It has more or less depressed me.  I can’t shake it and I am misrable. 

I go for runs and they help for a little while but I still end the day feeling blah…My motivation at work and at the gym is less and less each day.  In the past I have been able to set some small goals that are short term and get refocused and out of a funk but ahhh, I think I have even lost the motivation to create a goal right now. 

Yesterday I was called out by a co-worker asking me what is wrong because I have been off latley and she has noticed.  Her comment was, “you have been unusally quiet latly.”  Well I guess others have noticed as well…..

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