Dinner a week ago…

Last Thursday was virtual Friday since we had the day off on Friday for the 4th.  This gave me extra time on Thursday night to indulge into a great meal.  I swung by the Boise Coop and grabbed several items for dinner.  Here was the menu for the night…..Water Melon Margarita’s Sangria for drinks….Greek Salad, and Pork tenderloinon skewers with a jerk sauce. 

So a few things from store.  The organic prices were through the roof.  I ended up going non-organic on a cumber and a couple other items.  The butcher at the coop was very helpful.  I ordered from him 1 lb of pork tenderloin about 1/4 thick which turned out to be a little closer to 1/2 inch.  The Coop also has a large olive bar where I ordered up the “calamata olives”.  At the bar though I was confused because I didn’t see them….They had it spelled Kalamata with a K.  I think the K is the correct spelling and foodnetwork has it wrong. 

Well lets cook—–

I started with the sangria with my own added watermelon to it so that I would have a drink in hand.  As my wife walked in with our 3 year old I handed her a drink as well.  The taste to me was right on and easy to drink.  It reminded me of something I should have while sitting on the deck of a cruise ship.  Well of course my 3 year old wanted a drink as well…..My answer- Capri Sun poured into a glass with two sliced grapes, and a cherry on an umbrella garnish….He loved it…I do have to say the peaches in my drink were outstanding…..

I mixed the oil with the garlic and spices for the salad and then started in on the meat.  I took my new meat tenderizer and pounded it down to about a 1/4 of a inch and seasoned the meat.  My 3 year old thought it was a blast hitting the meat with the tenderizer.  Ahhh what a mess I had to clean up….

I skewered the meat and tossed it on my gas grill (I would have preferred the charcoal grill but I didn’t think ahead).  Once they were on the grill for about 3-4 minutes I lathered them up with some jerk sauce.  I let them have 5-6 minutes on each side and coated both sides with the sauce. 

I made the margarita’s as well and mixed my salad up.  The cheese and the olives made this salad just perfect on a 100+ degree day.  The pork was perfect and we sat back and enjoyed. 

I had a big mess to clean up in the kitchen but the best part was that BBQ and salad didn’t heat up the house on a HOT day.  This meal got a thumbs up from all three of us. 

Later this week I will have a beer review and another BBQ meal for you.

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  1. I agreed with you

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