Hotel with no AC

So I am in Portland currently for a basketball camp (I am an official for basketball and I am at a referee camp this past weekend through today.)  Well Saturday here in Portland it was over 100 degrees.  I walked into the room about 10:30 in the evening and the outside temperature was about 85.  The room was warmer inside then the outside temperature.  I walked right to the thermostat to turn on the AC.  It said “To turn on AC, raise the lever above 90 degrees”.  I cranked it above 90 and the AC cranked on.

I jumped in the shower to wash off the heat.  When I got out of the shower the AC was not on and the room was still roasting.  I checked the thermostat, it is ok. I check the vent again no cool air.  I called the front desk and the told me “Well if the outside temperature is below 68 degrees then the AC will not turn on…”. I respond to him that the temperature is at least over 80 degrees.  His response, “Sigh…Well I don’t know what to tell you, I guess it is not working sorry.”  I respond “Ahhhhh OK I guess I will just try and sleep”…..


Man it was annoying….I opened the window it helped a little…..I wake up in the morning and the outside temperature according to the morning news is 58 degrees.  The AC is blowing….Just *$&# perfect. 

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