Waterpark or what now?

So the plan was to head to the water-park after dinner and meet several of my wife’s (A) co-workers there.  My son (C) was really excited to go and play with one of the ladies sons.  (C) who is 3 years old has just been a little challenging as of late around the house.  For example every meal this weekend was a battle with him.  We also started a new pre-school for him about 2 weeks ago.  At this new pre-school we have to pack a lunch for him everyday (lunch was provided at the last place).  So far almost everyday he has eaten the side items but not the main item like a sandwich or hot-dog. 

Yesterday we packed him a lunch with a sandwich with no crust on it along with some gummie snacks and a string cheese.  On the way to school we talked about how he needed to eat his lunch at school.  On our way home between work and the school (A) and I were discussing the water-park and how nice it would feel today since it was 90+ degrees here.  When we got to the school to pick up (C) we noticed that he had not eaten any of his lunch, he had only drank his milk.  We explained that he could have his sandwich for dinner and then we could go to the water-park.  He threw a fit right in the school’s parking lot. 

He fought us all the way home in the car.  Once at home we explained that we wanted to go to the park and he needed to eat his sandwich to go.  He said “NO” and started crying at the top of his lungs….This battle went on for sometime.  It got to the point where he threw his cup across the room and was sent to his room.  He refused to go to his room and had to be carried there.  At this point (A) got ready for the water-park and went with out us.  When she was leaving you would have thought we had just explained to (C) that the world had ended he was yelling and crying so hard. 

(C) ended up crying and spending a lot of time in his room the rest of the night.  Everytime he asked for anything it was responded to with “You bet we can do that as soon as you finish your sandwich.”  And for those of you keeping score at home when 8:15 rolled around and it was time for (C) to go to bed he had taken exactly zero bites of his sandwich but I did completely clean out the  garage last night while I had to stay home from the water-park….That might be the score of 2-1 for (C).

Well it is a new day and a new lunch was sent to school….(C) was really hungary this morning and asked for chips for breakfast….I gave him the option of eggs, cereal or english muffin.  After he argued somemore and realized he wasn’t getting Chetoos for breakfast he settled on eggs and ate them. 

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