Simple Banter with a Buddy

So yesterday I was walking to the gym on my lunch hour talking on the phone with a buddy of mine.  He use to do a lot of running (never really completive or even races but at the gym).  But the last year his training/running has fallen almost completely off.  He has ITBS (Iliotibial band syndrome) but his pain is up in the hip for the most part which I hear can be common with ITBS.  Needless to say with the injury he has more or less stopped working out for about 6-9 months.  I would guess he gained 15-20 lbs.  Well about 2 months ago he started going to spinning classes a couple times a week and now the elliptical machine. 


 Well as usual on this phone conversation he was harassing me about how many miles I was or was not going to run that day.  And true to form I invited him to come down and run with me, knowing very well that he wouldn’t make it past the first half mile with out doubling over in pain…Like I said good friends….

 He asked what my next race was going to be and I quickly told him the 2.5 mile holiday run.  He instantly claimed “easy”…..So I invited him to run it with me….He surprisingly said yes.  I am not sure if he is being cocky, over ambitious or if he is really feeling better but he says he is in for sure….Well I will keep you updated on his progress along with mine as we head towards Dec. 22nd.

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