Plan moving forward….

So the decision was made after a long hard process of laying out my goals for next year.  I had decided to run a marathon in year 08 at some point this past summer and that was the game plan until the announcement came through that there was now going to be a Half Ironman here in Boise….Man would it be cool to run in the first ever Boise Half Ironman….BUT then the realization of time and money that I would pump into it this year would not be fesiable.  I simply couldn’t pull it off by June 1st considering where I am at right now…(Well maybe I coupld but it would take more then I am willing to give right now not to mention the swim still scares the *&$% out of me…)

 Well with that said my main goal this next year is OFFICIALLY a MARATHON……..

I will track my progress towards a Marathon right here on a weekly bases and utalize this blog to stay connected with a few other runners and specifically my buddy Mark.  Mark and I got of the phone the other day and both are gearing towards running our first marathon this next year….(I will write about down the road).

 Issues soon to come

  • Race Schedule about 90% figured out
  • Mark and I’s marathon conversation
  • Running plans
  • Race Reports
  • Training Reports

I hope you enjoy…

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