Planning the old calendar….

Well I am the type of person that has to have something to work towards.  This is extreamly true when it comes to Triathlons and Running in general. 

Well I have a calendar hanging at my desk with races scribbled on various dates.  Some dates have multipule races listed.  On those dates I might have to make a decision on which race to run.  What a good problem to have….

You more or less have to have your goals in mind when laying out your calendar.  This is a problem for me.  I have a decent idea about my goals but I haven’t set them in stone yet.  I more or less am tring to decide between focusing on running or triathlons….That seems very simlar but it means a lot different train and what I spend my time on training…

 So here is a list of upcoming events over the next 2 and 1/2 months that I am considering.

Sept 2nd 5k Payette Lake Run in Mcall

Sept 8th 5k Run for Autism Awareness  Boise

Sept 15th

                5K Run with the Animals Boise Idaho

                Hidden Spring Duathlon 1.3 mile run 11 mile bike(on a huge hill) 1.3 mile run

                5k Indian Creek Run Caldwell Idaho

Sept 29th   5k Cascade Run  Cascade Idaho

Oct 6th

                   Nampa Indoor Beginner Tri

                  5k See Spot Walk with the Dogs  Boise

                  5k Harvest Classic Nampa

Oct 7th    5k Got Guts Run & Walk

Oct 20th   Barber to Boise

Oct 27th  

                    Prison Break

                    Monster Dash  Nampa

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  1. Hey,long time!! Welcome bk

  2. Wow that’s a lot of choices to pick from.

    I’d suggest that you pick a couple of key races and prepare for those. You can do other races, but pick out your focal points and then mentally and physically prepare for them. Use the others as fun efforts in the midst of your training for the big ones you’ve choosen.

    There is an article on my blog that talks about this in a bit of another context – the article is called “Dealing with the mid-season blues” – but it talks about the reasons for choosing a few key events in your season to avoid burn-out.

    Have fun!

    Coach Joe English

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