Mad Hatter

I have been meaning on blogging on last Saturday’s race but not getting enough time.  Well I had a tri to do on Friday which I blogged about earlier this week but I had also talked my wife into a crazy plan of walking a 5k race once a month for the rest of the year.  I promissed her I would walk them with her.  Well our first race was the Mad Hatter this last Saturday.  The race had a theme of crazy hats.  There was one guy wearing a model pirate ship on his head. 

Well we walked the race with the “Sidekick” in his jogging stroller.  We lined ourselves up in the back of the pack and took off.  We made a few passes along the way and got passed by two ladies with a stroller along the way.  We where not really concerned about our time or our placement.  We had decided before we started that we would use this race as a baseline for the year. 

Well we did have one problem along the way.  Somehow I never got any coffee before the start of the race.  I was craving coffee.  I actually mentioned to my wife about mugging a guy with a large cup who was standing around in the prerace area.  Well the course took us along the “tour de coffee shop” route in Boise.  We passed 8 coffee shops along the route.  Each and everyone of them smelled so damn good.  I held off the urge to stop and continued on with the race.

 Well we finished just under 55 minutes (a poor showing in my book but the race wasn’t about me).  We have set a calendar of races for the year and it looks good.  Well one down and 9 more to go….

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