The race

As I wrote about in my last post I was in a tri on the 10th. I had trained hard but had also had a little set back with being sick going into the last 10 days or so. My head cold had developed into an ear infection. I specifically went to my doctor prior to the race to make sure I would be ok. I was concerned with swimming and the ear infection. The doctor said I would be fine and wished me luck…

Well I was in the second grouping so I had to sit around for a hour trying not to get to geared up. I got in the pool for the first leg of the tri. I had to swim 18 laps. I was working on lap 10 when my ear popped. It felt good at first but it started hurting about 5 seconds later. All of a sudden it was total pain to have my ear in the water. As I came down to turn for my 11th lap the girl that was standing there counting my laps stopped me. I stood up and felt goo on my ear. I looked at my hand after wiping my ear and saw blood. I had blown my ear drum in the pressure of the pool.

I pulled out of the race. It was a little embarrassed.

I got back to the Gym this past weekend and have trained everyday since Saturday but I am staying clear of the pool for a while.

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  1. ouch….hope the ear is ok..blowing an eardrum, does that cause permanent damage?

  2. They say it will heal and possiably result in 2-5% hearing loss. I would say I am back to 80% hearing now.

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