Today I went to a training class for work.  It is suppose to be a technical presentation on what one would call ITIL (pronounced I’Till’).  I have been looking forward to this training for a while and actually spent a little while talking my boss into sending me.  It cost our company about $800 to send me for two days.

 I walk into the class room this morning and I ask the instructor if I was in the right room for I’TILL’.  He say “you mena I,T,I,L training.  I just instantly thought oh ‘#$%@’ this guy has no idea what he is teaching.  I mean it is kind of like saying to someone,  “Is this the class for email” and they answer you by saying “you mean electronic mail”. 

So yes this guy only knew what he had read the night before about ITIL and this was his first class on it.  We got done about 3pm and where suppose to go until 4:30.  We asked as a class to push forward to get out earlier tomorrow.  He said he couldn’t since he hadn’t read that far in the book.  AHHHHH.  I could have taught the course better.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

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  1. At least take comfort that this is not coming out of your pocket 🙂

  2. HaHa thats funny. I swear this sounds like something my company would do. Some times I’m in a class and think, ya, I could do this better than the teacher. But then I take out a pad of paper and start to draw, and then I’m happy to be there insead of my cube.

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