How Old was I????

As I am sure you might have seen I am reading a book currently about racism and specifically racism in the childhood.  It is called Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?”: A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial IdentityI only end up reading 10-15 pages a day since I leave the book at work and grab a few pages at lunch ect.  As I see something interesting I highlight and write notes in the margins…

I ran across a few interesting thoughts in it so far though.  Here is a question I read the other day….”How old were you when you realized skin color?”.  You know, when was the first time you noticed that someone had a different skin color then yours. 

 I remember being in about 5 years old.  I noticed one kid had darker skin then I did.  I don’t remember how I discovered that he was Mexican but I do remember wanting to be Mexican because he was really nice kid and everyone liked him. 

I remeber later on (still as a little boy) being afraid of a guy (older adult) because he was Native American, I knew him as Indian then.  I was afraid he would scalpe me like the Indians did to the cowboys on tv.  It is interesting how playing Cowboys and Indians had an effect on me as a young boy.

 So how old where you?  What is your first memory.

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  1. That is an interesting question. I think weirdly my first experience was in Africa, I remember going to the home of my mum’s colleague for dinner and his wife was white (he was black)and I just ended up starring at her, watching intently what she ate and how she ate – almost like she was a different species 🙂 The lady was tucking into her African food, merrily chatting away, while I just watched her.
    Don’t remember how old I was but I think what made it unusual for me was the domestic situation of it because they were an interracial couple in Africa.

  2. My first experience…well, it was probably in 5th grade. My family moved to a small Texas town and I rememeber my first day of school. I was 1 of only three white kids in my class, the rest were spanish/Mexican. Being raised around this early on though, I have never had a “racial” issue. Color means nothing–words and actions mean everything.

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