So I mentioned in another blog last week about my wife being lied to by a friend of ours.  Up until yesterday we had not heard from either her or her husband for over a week.  (Although I knew they had family in town for the holiday and expected to not hear from them).   

Yesterday Stacy left a message on Aubrae’s (my wife) phone that basically said “just calling to see what’s going on.”  So Aubrae was left with the question ‘Does she even know that I know she lied to me.’  My thought is no I don’t think Stacy knows.  Aubrae is left with trying to approach the call back.


Aubrae said to me yesterday that she is just going to have to forgive and forget because she doesn’t feel she has a ton of friends to go hang out with.  I agree that she should forgive and forget for other reasons.  Although I did tell her that if she didn’t want to forgive and forget that I would understand and back her on it. 


So how does she bring it up on that phone conversation?  Or does she just ignore the issue all together.  I hate drama. 

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  1. Read the first part of the comment left by iamsamiam on my “Life with Venus” post.
    Basically it means that your wife holds the balance of power and she can do with it what she likes. Use it wisely and to maximum effect… no drama and no theatrics.
    I think Stacy knows. The phone message was her way of testing the waters. I don’t think letting them get away with it is an option, because if they do, your wife would lose all respect and credibility and I can bet you that it will happen again.
    That’s my 2 cents… I hope i did not complicate things further.

  2. Hey Alex,

    I would ask why she ditched hangin with your wife for someone else. It could have been harmless…and unintentional. I have done the same before though..would it be more fun to watch tv with someone or go out and do something. No harm was intended. I think you r wife needs to do what she wants to do and not get into the habit of letting friends dictate what is going to take place.

    By the way Alex, thanks for adding The Hendricks Report to your Blogroll. I am getting a little bit of traffic from you, so Thank-you very much. I will add you to mine as well.

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