Virtual Friday

So today is virtual Friday.  You know the day that looks and feels like Friday but it really is different day.  I don’t have to work on Friday or Thanksgiving so today is ‘my Friday’. 

I love Fridays for the most part.  Have you ever noticed how beer tastes better on Fridays?  No, really it does, I have a least one every Friday just to reconfirm it to myself every week.  Every week when I leave my office on Friday afternoon it kind of feels like that last day of the school year when your kid. 


Today I get that feeling.  I am about ready to get out of here and get that great virtual Friday feeling.  (It usually feels even better on virtual Friday because of the long weekend.)  I knew I was going to get off work early today but I just finished talking my wife into skipping out of work early as well.  I think we might just hang out like kids for a little while. 



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  1. Hey Man, Good Blog start. You checked out my site and I figured I would return the favor. I love to know who my reader’s are.
    So..ISU….Indiana State…Illinois State…Iowa State. My grandfather retired from Illinois State, that is why I am curious.

    Another helpful feature might be an “About Me” page. Just an idea. Well, nice to meet you and I hope you will continue to read The Hendricks Report..I will check in here as well to stay updated. Rock On and Keep Blogging.

    J. Alan Hendricks, Editor “The Hendricks Report”

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Enjoy “virtual Friday” and the weekend ahead. Unfortunately for me… I still have to earn my keep.

  3. Hey man, same here…I have to work Thanksgiving Day…ugh…who invented work? I would really like to meet up with that guy sometime…haha.

    Well, I am off for the night.

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