Spring is here

and oh yeah I have turned for the better. Being able to get for a few long runs, start refereeing more and just plain and simple more sun has put me in a much better mood.
It is crazy how much it affected me this year. I have never been affected by grey skys like this in the past.

So Happy Spring to YOU….

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Still feeling blah….

I cant shake it….The sun is out I am heading out side soon…

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February Blues

I am in a funk…..


I just can’t seem to shake this funk.  It actually started at the beginning of the year.  I changed my eating habits to help my wife with a diet she is on.  (it is easier to stay on a diet when others are there with you and not sitting across from you at the table with a big bowl of ice cream).  At first that just put me in grouchy mood.  I knew exactly what it was but I decided I need to fight through that.  I think I successfully did.  I was feeling good about myself after a week or two based on eating habits and physical appearance.   I wasn’t getting the complaments about losing weight like I had in the past but I was also considerably thinner to start with this time, but none the less I still felt good. 

This was also just about the time an inversion set in on our nice little valley we live in.  Basically there is a blanket of crap that settles in on the skys and you don’t see the sun or blue skys.  This has been off and on for the past 4 weeks.  We started with 2 solid weeks of it before it broke up for a day or two but quickly came back.  It will come one day and leave the next sometimes but for the most part it usally sticks around for a week or so.  The temprature typically floats in the teens and is a little extra biter.  It usally has zero effect on me other then I typically am ready for it to leave just about the time it does.  Not this year…..It has effected me more then ever this year.  It has more or less depressed me.  I can’t shake it and I am misrable. 

I go for runs and they help for a little while but I still end the day feeling blah…My motivation at work and at the gym is less and less each day.  In the past I have been able to set some small goals that are short term and get refocused and out of a funk but ahhh, I think I have even lost the motivation to create a goal right now. 

Yesterday I was called out by a co-worker asking me what is wrong because I have been off latley and she has noticed.  Her comment was, “you have been unusally quiet latly.”  Well I guess others have noticed as well…..

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Dinner a week ago…

Last Thursday was virtual Friday since we had the day off on Friday for the 4th.  This gave me extra time on Thursday night to indulge into a great meal.  I swung by the Boise Coop and grabbed several items for dinner.  Here was the menu for the night…..Water Melon Margarita’s Sangria for drinks….Greek Salad, and Pork tenderloinon skewers with a jerk sauce. 

So a few things from store.  The organic prices were through the roof.  I ended up going non-organic on a cumber and a couple other items.  The butcher at the coop was very helpful.  I ordered from him 1 lb of pork tenderloin about 1/4 thick which turned out to be a little closer to 1/2 inch.  The Coop also has a large olive bar where I ordered up the “calamata olives”.  At the bar though I was confused because I didn’t see them….They had it spelled Kalamata with a K.  I think the K is the correct spelling and foodnetwork has it wrong. 

Well lets cook—–

I started with the sangria with my own added watermelon to it so that I would have a drink in hand.  As my wife walked in with our 3 year old I handed her a drink as well.  The taste to me was right on and easy to drink.  It reminded me of something I should have while sitting on the deck of a cruise ship.  Well of course my 3 year old wanted a drink as well…..My answer- Capri Sun poured into a glass with two sliced grapes, and a cherry on an umbrella garnish….He loved it…I do have to say the peaches in my drink were outstanding…..

I mixed the oil with the garlic and spices for the salad and then started in on the meat.  I took my new meat tenderizer and pounded it down to about a 1/4 of a inch and seasoned the meat.  My 3 year old thought it was a blast hitting the meat with the tenderizer.  Ahhh what a mess I had to clean up….

I skewered the meat and tossed it on my gas grill (I would have preferred the charcoal grill but I didn’t think ahead).  Once they were on the grill for about 3-4 minutes I lathered them up with some jerk sauce.  I let them have 5-6 minutes on each side and coated both sides with the sauce. 

I made the margarita’s as well and mixed my salad up.  The cheese and the olives made this salad just perfect on a 100+ degree day.  The pork was perfect and we sat back and enjoyed. 

I had a big mess to clean up in the kitchen but the best part was that BBQ and salad didn’t heat up the house on a HOT day.  This meal got a thumbs up from all three of us. 

Later this week I will have a beer review and another BBQ meal for you.

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Alright here is the deal if you are going to put anchovies on something at a restaurant you need to advertise it on the menu.  I went to lunch today and ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad.  It came and I looked at it and thought “That is odd bacon on a caesar, and even more odd that it is in strips and chunks”.  I took the first bite and almost spit it out on the plate.  The combination of fish and SALT almost made me lose my stomach.  I quickly picked off the gross anchovies and asked for a menu.  I knew I hadn’t missed that on the first time…Sure enough it said nothing about anchovy on the menu. 

I pushed the plate away and took the biggest drink of water I have taken in sometime…

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Hotel with no AC

So I am in Portland currently for a basketball camp (I am an official for basketball and I am at a referee camp this past weekend through today.)  Well Saturday here in Portland it was over 100 degrees.  I walked into the room about 10:30 in the evening and the outside temperature was about 85.  The room was warmer inside then the outside temperature.  I walked right to the thermostat to turn on the AC.  It said “To turn on AC, raise the lever above 90 degrees”.  I cranked it above 90 and the AC cranked on.

I jumped in the shower to wash off the heat.  When I got out of the shower the AC was not on and the room was still roasting.  I checked the thermostat, it is ok. I check the vent again no cool air.  I called the front desk and the told me “Well if the outside temperature is below 68 degrees then the AC will not turn on…”. I respond to him that the temperature is at least over 80 degrees.  His response, “Sigh…Well I don’t know what to tell you, I guess it is not working sorry.”  I respond “Ahhhhh OK I guess I will just try and sleep”…..


Man it was annoying….I opened the window it helped a little…..I wake up in the morning and the outside temperature according to the morning news is 58 degrees.  The AC is blowing….Just *$&# perfect. 

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Lemon Pasta with Chicken….

here’s to another great recipe that I grabbed off of food networks web-page.  You can follow their recipe at Lemon Pasta w/ Chicken.  I took the recipe and twisted it to my personal liking…

Products needed:

Chicken Breast, Confetti Pasta, Clove of Garlic, 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 lemons- juiced, 1/2 cup grated Parmesan….

I grilled up the chicken breast and boiled the pasta,  I took the garlic and thinly sliced it.  I took the oil and the red pepper along with the garlic and cooked it in a frying pan for about a minute.  (The more of the Red Peppers the hotter the taste).  I Sliced the chicken in to about 3 inch strips and drained the pasta.  I combined the pasta and the chicken and then stirred that into the oil mixture in the skillet….Cover it with your cheese and squeeze your lemon over the whole thing and you have a great meal.  I also added some diced cilantro to the pasta which added a really refreshing taste to the whole meal.  Oh I guess I ended up only using one lemon also…

My wife really questioned the whole thing until she tried it and she ended up loving it. 

Give it a try….Let me know what you think…..

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Waterpark or what now?

So the plan was to head to the water-park after dinner and meet several of my wife’s (A) co-workers there.  My son (C) was really excited to go and play with one of the ladies sons.  (C) who is 3 years old has just been a little challenging as of late around the house.  For example every meal this weekend was a battle with him.  We also started a new pre-school for him about 2 weeks ago.  At this new pre-school we have to pack a lunch for him everyday (lunch was provided at the last place).  So far almost everyday he has eaten the side items but not the main item like a sandwich or hot-dog. 

Yesterday we packed him a lunch with a sandwich with no crust on it along with some gummie snacks and a string cheese.  On the way to school we talked about how he needed to eat his lunch at school.  On our way home between work and the school (A) and I were discussing the water-park and how nice it would feel today since it was 90+ degrees here.  When we got to the school to pick up (C) we noticed that he had not eaten any of his lunch, he had only drank his milk.  We explained that he could have his sandwich for dinner and then we could go to the water-park.  He threw a fit right in the school’s parking lot. 

He fought us all the way home in the car.  Once at home we explained that we wanted to go to the park and he needed to eat his sandwich to go.  He said “NO” and started crying at the top of his lungs….This battle went on for sometime.  It got to the point where he threw his cup across the room and was sent to his room.  He refused to go to his room and had to be carried there.  At this point (A) got ready for the water-park and went with out us.  When she was leaving you would have thought we had just explained to (C) that the world had ended he was yelling and crying so hard. 

(C) ended up crying and spending a lot of time in his room the rest of the night.  Everytime he asked for anything it was responded to with “You bet we can do that as soon as you finish your sandwich.”  And for those of you keeping score at home when 8:15 rolled around and it was time for (C) to go to bed he had taken exactly zero bites of his sandwich but I did completely clean out the  garage last night while I had to stay home from the water-park….That might be the score of 2-1 for (C).

Well it is a new day and a new lunch was sent to school….(C) was really hungary this morning and asked for chips for breakfast….I gave him the option of eggs, cereal or english muffin.  After he argued somemore and realized he wasn’t getting Chetoos for breakfast he settled on eggs and ate them. 

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Last night….

Well last night I got home and was HOT…..I thought about going to the water-park…(We have season passes).  Well we didn’t….Instead we ended up just hanging out watching TV ALL NIGHT LONG………….I got nothing done all night long but cleaned out a lot of my DVR….Later on I was just annoyed with the evening….Today I am thinking of all of the things I should have got done.  Clean the garage, load the camper ect….

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Love in the air…

Alright I lost a bet with my my wife (A).  We were given on of those books sometime ago 101 nights of great…I believe it was 101 great night of romance.  If I remember correctly it was our first anniversary.   Well the intent is of course that there are 50 “for his eyes only” and 50 “for her eyes only” and one “both”. 

Well we start talking about the “book” the other day.  I said we have only one book.  (A) said we have two books.  She said we have the 101 nights of Sex & 101 nights of Romance.  I was positive we only had one so naturally I said “bet you”….My looked at me and said what do you want to bet….So I said if I you win I have to pull one from each book and do them in the next week, if I win you have to pull two pages from the one book and do them in the next week…Well (A) of course pulled out two books and proved I was wrong and lost the bet…..We are the proud owners of 101 nights of great romance and 101 nights of great sex….

Well I pulled out a page from the romance book.  It was interesting to say the least…..It was called “Show and Tell”….The basics behind it was all week long leave a gift for (A) around for her.  The gift though will be something that was already hers.  Something she already owns, take it wrap it and give it to here.  On the last day give her something new.  And then start show and tell.  She shows you the gift and you tell her why you gave her that gift.  It should remind me of her some how. 

So here is what I did-

Monday- Small box with a pair of pearl earrings in it.  (reminded me of a pearl I bought her on our honeymoon in Vegas)

Tuesday-  Scrapbooking tool (I like her scrapbooking and the fact that she has a hobby outside of us)

Wednesday- One of our sons outfits (she is a great mother)

Thursday- One of my dress shirts and some sexy underwear (she looks hot in it)

Friday- The day I gave her new item.  I got her a whole outfit.  I nice summer dress black/white, black and white purse, black and white poke-a-dots underwear, black sexy heels, and a black and white earring and neck-less.  It was something I thought she would look elegant, classy and still sexy in….

Well she didn’t understand the gifts until I show explained them to her and then she loved the new gift.  She almost cried during some of it.  It turned out to be some work but it was alright in the end…I thought it turned out good.

Well she is suppose to do one this week…We will see.  We leave town on Friday so she has a shortened week.  I will publish a few more of these as time goes on…..

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